Andreas Kinger (former Nordqvist)

Andreas started his career as a musician, playing the piano in different pop and jazz-groups. His composing started in the 90´s by composing ap. 50 Themes for TV in Sweden, Denmark, Norway. For example ”Expedition Robinson” (eng. Survivour) ”Etterlyst”. In the year of 2000 he composed Inauguration-music for the opening of the new bridge between Sweden and Denmark, Öresundsbron. http://kinger.nu/pressrelease/
Andreas music range widely from symphonic music to rock/pop. He has composed music for Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra, KFO (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) SON (Norrköpings Symphonic Orchestra) among others. Andreas plays several instruments and eventually his broad knowledge led him to Film and game-music. Since 2012 Andreas has focused on composing music for the game-industry. Collaborating with developers like Avalanche, Arrowhead and Frontier he has produced music for Rage 2, Gauntlet, Elite dangerous etc. He also worked as composer assistant to Johan Nilsson while working on the crime series- Fjällbackamorden.
2015 he assisted Rasmus Faber composing for the Japanese TV-show Asterisk Wars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZBUJxsU5U4